Condo Rebates – Working on its LARGEST Individual TAX FREE Rebate – $44,000!!

After a FREE Review of our clients documents by our Rebate Recovery Specialist, Condo Rebates determined that our client is eligible for a TAX FREE Rebate of over $44,000.00!

Yes, $44,000.00! Even after paying over $10,000.00 in legal fees, somehow their lawyer did not inform them of all their eligible rebates. If our client did not contact Condo Rebates for a FREE REVIEW our client would have never known that they were eligible for a Rebate of over $44,000.00, resulting in their rebate expiring!

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Condo Rebates – Recovered over $26,000.00 for a Client!

Condo Rebates, Recovered over $26,000.00 for a Client!

Condo Rebates Canada’s rebate recovery specialist, recovered over $26,000.00 for our Client Mrs. Nan. After cutting through all the red tape, numerous phone calls, and “lost mail” as put by the government. Condo Rebates was able to recapture Mrs. Nan’s rebate totaling over $26,000.00

Mrs. Nan was ecstatic when Mariusz (Mario) from Condo Rebates handed Mrs. Nan her tax free rebate cheque. “Thank you Condo Rebates and Mariusz for your hard work and recovering my rebate cheque in less than a few months.” Condo Rebates would like to thank Mrs. Nan for her comment.

How much is your Tax Free Rebate worth?
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Condo Rebates – First Time Home Buyers Credit

Condo Rebates – First Time Home Buyer’s Credit

Are you a First Time Home Buyer? Did you know about The First Time Home Buyers Credit (FTHBC)?

First Time Home Buyers Credit (FTHBC)

If you are a first time home buyer (regardless if you purchased a resale property or new construction property) and who closed a purchase after January 27, 2009 may be eligible for a 15% income tax credit for closings costs. Continue reading