Condo Rebates – Abatements Explained

A reduction in some amount that is owed, usually granted by the person to whom the debt is owed. In the law of torts, the summary removal of a nuisance.

So what is Condo abatement and how does this affect me?

Once you have purchased a prop

erty from a new home builder and you have signed an agreement of purchase and sale, you will find that in most cases the developer of the land will be excused for many potential mistakes that they consider small or insignificant. Continue reading

Condo Rebates – Recovered over $26,000.00 for a Client!

Condo Rebates, Recovered over $26,000.00 for a Client!

Condo Rebates Canada’s rebate recovery specialist, recovered over $26,000.00 for our Client Mrs. Nan. After cutting through all the red tape, numerous phone calls, and “lost mail” as put by the government. Condo Rebates was able to recapture Mrs. Nan’s rebate totaling over $26,000.00

Mrs. Nan was ecstatic when Mariusz (Mario) from Condo Rebates handed Mrs. Nan her tax free rebate cheque. “Thank you Condo Rebates and Mariusz for your hard work and recovering my rebate cheque in less than a few months.” Condo Rebates would like to thank Mrs. Nan for her comment.

How much is your Tax Free Rebate worth?
Contact a Condo Rebate specialist for a free review.

Condo Rebates Recovery Program

CONDO REBATES recovery program was created to satisfy a demand from homeowners (purchasers of a new property directly from the builder or through an assignment sale) like you who wish to retrieve all monies legally owed to them under Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal rebate initiatives.

Please note these REBATES are all TAX FREE, these rebate monies are legally owed to you, regardless of the purchasers intent to rent, sell or occupy your unit.

How much is your tax free Rebate Worth?

Contact a CONDO REBATE recovery specialist for a FREE assessment of your file to determine your eligibility and rebate entitlement. Condo Rebates is recovering on average $5000.00 per client in tax free Rebates.

Claim Your Abatement

The Abatement Recovery Program has been created for purchasers whom have purchased a property directly from a Developer or through an Assignment Sale. You will find that in most cases the developer of the land feels they will be excused for many potential mistakes that they consider small or insignificant. This program has been created to protect the investors and the end user against these such mistakes and problems that have been created by the builder. Only those whom have registered for the abatement recovery program will be included in the class action settlement. Click here to see if your building is affected and or post your abatement.

Claim Your Rebate

The Canadian Condominium Rebates recovery program has been developed for those individuals who purchased new residential condominium units directly from the Developer or by way of Assignment, with the purpose of occupying as primary place of residence, or renting to a tenant.

Claim your Rebate Rebate(s)

Who is eligible for pre-construction Rebates?

A purchaser who entered into a purchase and sale agreement directly with the developer.
A purchaser who purchased a property through an Assignment Sale.
An Assignment is a legal sales transaction whereby the Original Purchaser (the “Assignor”) of a property sells, and thereby transfers, their interest and obligations under the original contract to a new Purchaser (the “Assignee”). This assignment takes place during or before interim occupancy.

Fee Charged for our service:

We offer a free no obligation consultation to review your documents. We charge a 15% fee for our service on all recaptured rebate monies. If we review your documents and determine you are not eligible for any rebate(s) or we submit your rebate claim and it is denied by the government we DO NOT charge a fee for our time or effort. The fee is only payable once we recover your rebate cheque.

Required Documents to determine your Pre-Construction Rebate Eligibility:

All documents required should have been provided to you by your lawyer on Final Closing. If you are missing any documents you will need to request these documents from your lawyer.

1. Original Purchase and Sale Agreement + Amendments(if any)
If purchased through an assignment sale, you will need to provide the Original Purchase and Sale Agreement and the Assignment Purchase and Sale Agreement. Continue reading

So What Do You Do Now?

Work with a Canadian Condominium Rebate Inc., specialist whom is knowledgeable in the collection and recovery of these rebates. Remember, though the government has implemented legislation stating that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand and get these rebates, the government is the primary stake holder in that they retain the hundreds of millions of unclaimed rebates. Use a professional rebates recovery officer. Remember these are funds being collected that you did not know about and your current representatives did not help you with. Most important, remember, all of these rebates have expiration dates. So don’t delay.

Identity Theft?

The information that you are providing if you would have us take care of applying for your rebates is as follows:

Name, Builder, when Purchased, Price, Email, Phone, Address, Possession dates.

All of this information is already made available in a land registry search. The reason we need to know this information is to establish if you are eligible in the first place.

For anyone whom is reluctant to give this information, you should attempt to do it yourself, or leave the overpayments with the institutions that are in possession of it. It is understandable that with all of the scams made available through the internet we have become somewhat paranoid. It is good to be cautious, however, we must not lose our ability to function with common sense and common judgment.