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Canadian Condominium Rebates Inc., is a privately held corporation directly assisting with client referrals and those whom reply to our marketing to recapture Rebates, Credits and Abatement’s on all new home proper

ties in Canada, we specialize for those whom have purchased directly from a developer or by way of assignment. Resale properties are not applicable to government rebate(s)

Our lawyer assists in cases whereby there is a requirement for Power Of Attorney (POA) to represent our clients directly with the government offices.

We have established satellite offices for the purpose of consultation and collection of documents. Due to the overwhelming demand we opened an executive office downtown on August 1st 2011.

We are available by appointment with No upfront fees. We offer a FREE consultation, if we determine you are not eligible for any rebate(s), we do not charge for our time to review your documents. If you are eligible for any rebate(s) we do charge a fee of 15% on all recaptured amounts. We only collect the fee of 15% once we receive your rebate monies. No rebate No Fee!

Yours truly,

Mariusz Symonowicz

Canadian Condominium Rebates Inc.,
1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801
Toronto, ON M5E 1W7
Office: 416-558-5373

Frequently Asked Questions

I have recently updated the latest frequently asked questions and you can directly get the answers to these and others by clicking on my website CondoRebates.Ca

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hese questions

My Lawyer has told me that there are no further rebates. Is this a scam? Am I at risk of identity theft? Why is a POA required? Can I do it myself?

How do I ensure I receive my rebate(s) cheque? What types of rebates are available? How much does it cost me? When will my rebates expire?

Why does the government charge these fees if they plan on paying it back? How do I know if I qualify? Who does not qualify? How long does it take to get my rebate?

Can I get monies back after they expire? Why did my lawyer not take care of this in the beginning?

Call me today to arrange your FREE no obligation consultation.


Mariusz Symonowicz

P.S. When it comes to rebates it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to be informed, be informed now!

Nobody Told Me?

Lately I have been asked “Why did nobody inform me about my Rebates?”

Who is to blame?

The answer is you! There is legislation written and the government specifically states that you are 100% responsible for the understanding, being made aware of, and all aspects to the rebate programs and nobody else. Feel bad that you do not know how to acquire all of these rebates? Don’t, 8 out of 10 clients that come to see me are in the same situation. I represent the interest of my clients 100%. With no up-front fees, the only way I earn a living is by getting you back your money. On a 15% contingency fee I will leave no rebate unturned.

Call me today to arrange your free no obligation consultation.


Mariusz Symonowicz

P.S. When it comes to rebates it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to be informed, be informed now!

Rebates Explained

Many inquiries have been coming in asking me “What is a rebate and why is it applicable to the purchase of my condo or freehold property”

Rebates were never advertised nor did

the government make the general public aware! One can argue that they did advertise the rebate program as it was written into legislation and one could have read the legislation if they knew about it.

I am always asked to explain why the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments are offering rebate programs with stringent regulations along with legislative laws rules and regulations to back them up, that must be adhered to in order to claim back or get rebates which belongs to the customer in the first place.

The Federal and Provincial rebates expire within two years from final closing. The government implemented a federal and provincial rebate program whereby statistically fewer than 5% of rebates are actually claimed and recovered. However from speaking with clients and unable to receive any statistics from the government I believe that the recovery of these rebates is far less than 5% for these consumers. This should not come as a surprise in that the government is the primary beneficiary of these unclaimed rebates. Using the rebate model and principles, results in hundreds of millions of dollars being unclaimed and expired!

Don’t let this happen to you…Statistically I successfully recover 100% of my client’s rebate(s) back whereby they were entitled to it. Let me help you too.

Email or call me for a FREE evaluation and assessment on your entitled TAX FREE Rebates.


Mariusz Symonowicz

P.S. With expiration dates on these rebates, credits and abatements, time is not in your favor.

Are You Eligible?

Many people have contacted me to find out if they are eligible for Rebates / Credits and Adjustments. I have outlined below details to this eligibility:

Who is eligible for pre-const

Pre-Construction Rebates?

1. A purchaser who entered into a purchase and sale agreement directly with the developer.

2. A purchaser who purchased a property through an Assignment Sale.
An Assignment is a legal sales transaction whereby the Original Purchaser (the “Assignor”) of a property sells, and thereby transfers, their interest and obligations under the original contract to a new Purchaser (the “Assignee”). This assignment takes place during or before interim occupancy.

RESALE properties are NOT eligible for any Rebates

If you fall into this category please don’t hesitate to contact me immediately. We have helped thousands of clients just like you to collect on average ($5,000) Tax Free, and all of them thought that they did not qualify.

How much is your Tax Free Rebate Worth?


Mariusz Symonowicz

P.S. Don’t hesitate to follow up; the only thing that is working against you is time, as all of these rebates have an expiration date.

Hundreds of Millions, going unclaimed

Did you know that every year it is estimated that hundreds of millions of rebate dollars go unclaimed as they were never requested.

My Condominium Rebates Recovery Program has been developed for those individuals who purchased new residential

properties directly from the Developer or by way of Assignment, with the purpose of occupying as a primary place of residence, or renting to a tenant.

If you have purchased a new property, than you should contact me right away before your rebates expire. Feel free to call or e-mail me any time.


Mariusz Symonowicz

P.S. Protect yourself by getting back your rebates!

Representing Investors

For several years I have been representing Investors by assisting them in recapturing Tax Free Rebates, Credits and Adjustments, which have gone unnoticed by their Lawyers, REALTORs and Accountants, that add up to thousands of dollars.

On average my clients are entitled to approximately $5,000. The highest amount that I have collected is just over $60,000. All Rebates are Tax Free.

My fees are 15% of what I collect. That is based on an amount that you have not yet recovered after the assistance of your Lawyer, REALTOR and Accountant.

Please feel free to call me or send me an e-mail if you have any questions about your transaction.


Mariusz Symonowicz

P.S. It is determined through legislation that you, as a purchaser of a new property, are solely responsible for discovering and filing for your rebates. For this reason alone is neither the responsibility nor the interest of those whom represented you in the transaction to assist you in the recovery!

Condo Rebates – Working on its LARGEST Individual TAX FREE Rebate – $44,000!!

After a FREE Review of our clients documents by our Rebate Recovery Specialist, Condo Rebates determined that our client is eligible for a TAX FREE Rebate of over $44,000.00!

Yes, $44,000.00! Even after paying over $10,000.00 in legal fees, somehow their lawyer did not inform them of all their eligible rebates. If our client did not contact Condo Rebates for a FREE REVIEW our client would have never known that they were eligible for a Rebate of over $44,000.00, resulting in their rebate expiring!

Can you imagine losing out on $44,000.00? Continue reading

Condo Rebates – Abatements Explained

A reduction in some amount that is owed, usually granted by the person to whom the debt is owed. In the law of torts, the summary removal of a nuisance.

So what is Condo abatement and how does this affect me?

Once you have purchased a prop

erty from a new home builder and you have signed an agreement of purchase and sale, you will find that in most cases the developer of the land will be excused for many potential mistakes that they consider small or insignificant. Continue reading

Condo Rebates – Recovered over $26,000.00 for a Client!

Condo Rebates, Recovered over $26,000.00 for a Client!

Condo Rebates Canada’s rebate recovery specialist, recovered over $26,000.00 for our Client Mrs. Nan. After cutting through all the red tape, numerous phone calls, and “lost mail” as put by the government. Condo Rebates was able to recapture Mrs. Nan’s rebate totaling over $26,000.00

Mrs. Nan was ecstatic when Mariusz (Mario) from Condo Rebates handed Mrs. Nan her tax free rebate cheque. “Thank you Condo Rebates and Mariusz for your hard work and recovering my rebate cheque in less than a few months.” Condo Rebates would like to thank Mrs. Nan for her comment.

How much is your Tax Free Rebate worth?
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