Rebates Explained

Many inquiries have been coming in asking me “What is a rebate and why is it applicable to the purchase of my condo or freehold property”

Rebates were never advertised nor did

the government make the general public aware! One can argue that they did advertise the rebate program as it was written into legislation and one could have read the legislation if they knew about it.

I am always asked to explain why the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments are offering rebate programs with stringent regulations along with legislative laws rules and regulations to back them up, that must be adhered to in order to claim back or get rebates which belongs to the customer in the first place.

The Federal and Provincial rebates expire within two years from final closing. The government implemented a federal and provincial rebate program whereby statistically fewer than 5% of rebates are actually claimed and recovered. However from speaking with clients and unable to receive any statistics from the government I believe that the recovery of these rebates is far less than 5% for these consumers. This should not come as a surprise in that the government is the primary beneficiary of these unclaimed rebates. Using the rebate model and principles, results in hundreds of millions of dollars being unclaimed and expired!

Don’t let this happen to you…Statistically I successfully recover 100% of my client’s rebate(s) back whereby they were entitled to it. Let me help you too.

Email or call me for a FREE evaluation and assessment on your entitled TAX FREE Rebates.


Mariusz Symonowicz

P.S. With expiration dates on these rebates, credits and abatements, time is not in your favor.

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