Nobody Told Me?

Lately I have been asked “Why did nobody inform me about my Rebates?”

Who is to blame?

The answer is you! There is legislation written and the government specifically states that you are 100% responsible for the understanding, being made aware of, and all aspects to the rebate programs and nobody else. Feel bad that you do not know how to acquire all of these rebates? Don’t, 8 out of 10 clients that come to see me are in the same situation. I represent the interest of my clients 100%. With no up-front fees, the only way I earn a living is by getting you back your money. On a 15% contingency fee I will leave no rebate unturned.

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Mariusz Symonowicz

P.S. When it comes to rebates it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to be informed, be informed now!

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