My Lawyer has told me that there are no further rebates.

This is a common scenario that we have come across several times.  Many of the rebates/credits and abatements are unfamiliar with most lawyers, in fact we have found that the majority of lawyers are unaware of this and out of pride have been giving bad advice to protect their integrity.  We have set up a program whereby if you can get your lawyer to sign something in writing to this effect and produce it we will, under the guidance of our lawyer, apply for all of your rebates free of charge.  Once funds are collected we will use the letter of evidence from your lawyer as an example on our website.


Is this a scam?

We will not comment on procedures and regulations considering the involvement (coming up with the various taxes and fees that have been applied to new home purchasers of condominiums by government authorities, implemented through developers and charged by lawyers), when the majority of these are permitted to be recaptured providing the strict guidelines and directions are being followed.

In regards to Condorebates.ca being a scam, there is much confusion about entire rebate program, sour grapes would have some individuals commenting on a paranoid and delusional level.  We have mentioned before that all fees would be collected upon satisfactory recapture of these rebates.


Am I at risk of identity theft?

The information that you are providing if you would have us take care of applying for your rebates is as follows:

Name, Builder, when Purchased, Price, Email, Phone, Address, Possession dates.

All of this information is already made available in a land registry search.  The reason we need to know this information is to establish if you are eligible in the first place.

For anyone whom is reluctant to give this information, you should attempt to do it yourself, or leave the overpayments with the institutions that are in possession of it.  It is understandable that with all of the scams made available through the internet we have become somewhat paranoid.  It is good to be cautious, however, we must not lose our ability to function with common sense and common judgment.


Why is a POA required?

Yes, we require a limited POA which only has to do in representing you with the appropriate government agencies to be able to be your agent for the rebate collection.

It is required to speak on your behalf, answer any questions in regards to your application, and ensure the appropriate agency has received, processed, and issued your cheque.

A few Rebate(s) require you to be present with our lawyer to sign an affidavit and POA to process your applicable rebate(s)


Can I do it myself?

You can definitely do it yourself, but the process has not been made easy.  You should ask the question, if my lawyer did not know how to do it, and my accountant did not know how to do it and I did not do anything yet prior to the expiration of these rebates, what is changing now?  This system was set up to assist you in recapturing funds that were not supposed to be charged.  We found that doing one or two or less than 100 accounts did not justify the small fee that we collect nor would it allow us the flexibility to have secretaries and offices and administration department.  It was only once we started to assist the masses, that the recapture of these funds made sense.


How do I ensure I receive my rebate(s) cheque?

The government will only issue rebate cheques made payable to the purchaser identified on the purchase and sale agreement.  If there is more than one purchaser the cheque is made payable to all purchasers listed on the purchase and sale agreement.  The government will NEVER issue a cheque payable to Canadian Condominium Rebates Inc. or any other party, other than the purchasers listed on the purchase and sale agreement.


What types of rebates are available?

There are many different types, federal, provincial and municipal tax rebates, charged in error by developers and lawyers on final & interim statement of adjustments along with available abatements and credits.  We could outline all of them and give you a step by step instruction manual thus making our existence non-profitable.  It is doubtful that the government would fund our organization when as our main program is to rebate hundreds of millions of dollars from said government.  This being the case our options are to charge a fee.


How much does it cost me?

If and ONLY if you are eligible for any rebate(s) we charge a 15% fee for all recaptured amounts.  You are only charged the 15% fee once we recover your rebate(s).  We contact you to pick up your rebate(s) cheque and ONLY then are you required to pay our 15% fee. Once the fee is paid we release your rebate(s) cheque.  We do not charge any fee for our time or efforts if we review your documents and determine you are not eligible for any further rebate(s) or if we submit your rebate and the Government denies your claim.


Why did my lawyer not take care of this in the beginning?

Your lawyer was instructed by the developer’s lawyer to pay these fees.  Though nearly all purchasers have the ability to get rebates, it is much easier to just charge everyone the same fee and let them to figure out how to apply to get it back later.

In defense of your lawyer, we would have no interest in helping to rebate one a few or even anything fewer than 100 clients as it would not justify the expense on the part of the rebate program and the work involved.

We do take special offence to any lawyer that not only does not collect any rebates but also advises to their clients that none exist. The legal profession is one that we trust greatly and when we find out that Lawyers are not educating themselves on the applicable rebates available and suggesting that they do not exist because they don’t wish to be bothered with collecting them, this is wrong.


Why does the government charge these fees if they plan on paying it back?

A loaded question and one that I should answer carefully.  Just like anyone would make tax payments and get a refund at the end of the year.  The changes to regulated programs and implementation of certain taxes on properties is very difficult to keep up to date with and it is our understanding that hundreds of millions of rebates are available due to the confusing systems in place, but the real question is, why did our agents / developers / lawyers / accountants and all others representing an interest in your purchasing decision fail to recognize all of this.  We have also posed this same question to government authorities and the response has always came back the same, “It is determined through legislation that you, as a purchaser of real estate, regardless of your intention to occupy, rent and or invest, are responsible for all facets of your purchase, including tax law and the discovery and filing for your applicable rebates.  This is not the responsibility of your agent or representative.”


How do I know if I qualify?

You bought from a developer or assignment of a developer agreement.

You intend to move in or, you intend to rent it out


Who does not qualify?

  • Resale properties purchased.
  • Tenants
  • Investors whom decide to leave as a vacation property and do not wish to rent it out.


 How long does it take to get my rebate?

All rebates come back at different intervals, On average it takes 6-8 weeks to receive your rebate, some have seen it in less than a month, and other applications can take up to 6-8 months. Abatements are more confusing and no time line can be assessed for them.  Credits are usually very quick.


When will my rebates expire?

Some in two years of final closing some in 18 months and some within a few months of closing.


Can I get monies back after they expire?

Tried many times, the programs and disclosures to these dates are posted on government web sites.  They do not wish to assist at all.