Condo Rebates – Working on its LARGEST Individual TAX FREE Rebate – $44,000!!

After a FREE Review of our clients documents by our Rebate Recovery Specialist, Condo Rebates determined that our client is eligible for a TAX FREE Rebate of over $44,000.00!

Yes, $44,000.00! Even after paying over $10,000.00 in legal fees, somehow their lawyer did not inform them of all their eligible rebates. If our client did not contact Condo Rebates for a FREE REVIEW our client would have never known that they were eligible for a Rebate of over $44,000.00, resulting in their rebate expiring!

Can you imagine losing out on $44,000.00?Contact Condo Rebates and our Rebate Recovery Specialist will ensure all eligible rebates are recovered!

Condo Rebates have met with many potential clients and had to be the bearer of bad news to inform them that their TAX FREE Rebate(s) expired and are no longer are eligible for their Rebate(s).

Condo Rebates works for the people, yes we do charge a fee of 15% ONLY payable when our clients Rebate is processed and recovered. Plain and simple, no Rebate no fee!

Condo Rebates goal is to ensure all purchasers recover all eligible Rebates. Condo Rebates wants to ensure every penny owed to you is recovered and paid to you!

Condo Rebates – Wants to let everyone know that Condo Rebates offers a FREE REVIEW of your closing documents to determine your TAX FREE Rebate.

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