Condo Rebates – What Happens if Your Rebate Expires?

Condo Rebates, we work for the PEOPLE. Condo Rebates wants to ensure all eligible rebates are recovered prior to them expiring.

Condo Rebates had a client come in in late December 2011 early January 2012 for a FREE REVIEW of her closing documents. After a quick review of her documents, a Condo Rebate Recovery Specialist informed her that unfortunately she came in two weeks too late. As her TAX FREE REBATE of just over $2,400.00 expired two weeks prior. She was outraged! She couldn’t believe that nearly $2400.00 of her hard earn money expired! She asked why didn’t my lawyer recover this rebate for me? Why didn’t my Realtor tell me? Why didn’t my accountant recover this money? Why didn’t the government inform me? Why aren’t there ….Condo Rebates, understood her frustration, Condo Rebates understands her questions. Unfortunately Condo Rebates has to be the bearer of bad news and inform our clients of the truth.

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